Marketing has now begun for the long-awaited Culver Affordable Housing Project on 37th Street in Borough Park. To request an application by mail, send a self-addressed envelope to SBCO c/o Culver Housing Developments, LLC, 4006 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218. Only send ONE application per development. Do NOT submit duplicate applications. Applicants who submit more than one application will be disqualified.
After the deadline, applications are selected for review through a lottery process. If yours is selected and you appear to qualify, you will be invited to an appointment to review your documents and to continue the process of determining your eligibility. Appointments are usually scheduled from 2 to 10 months after the application deadline. You will be asked to bring documents that verify your household size, identity of members of your household, and your household income.

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The HOME Program is a group of local neighborhood agencies providing vital housing related services. HOME is an acronym for Home Options Made Easy – a collaborative effort in which member housing agencies have joined forces to provide a full menu of housing services to the public. HOME associates include HUD certified housing counselors who offer counseling services which meet the National Industry Standards for Home-ownership Education and Counseling. Services are provided in a friendly, welcoming environment which guarantees the client’s privacy when discussing sensitive information. The HOME network of agencies is YOUR network. We live in YOUR community, we share YOUR ethnic diversity and cultural make-up, we experience the same challenges as YOU and work with hand-in-hand with YOU to find satisfactory advice for YOUR situation.Services include:

Mortgage Counseling – Guides potential homeowners through the home purchase process including pre- and post- purchase counseling; review of financial readiness to become a homeowner including review of finances, income and expenses; helping obtain a mortgage; applying for downpayment assistance grants.

Foreclosure Counseling – Assists homeowners facing or about to face the foreclosure process, including applying for loan modification from the financial institution.

Housing Relocation – Matches tenants looking for housing with landlords who have vacant units available.

SCRIE/DRIE – Also known as the Rent Freeze Program, qualifying applicants can receive assistance from a member of the NYC Department of Finance Task Force to have their rent frozen at the current level and be exempt from most future increases.